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The necessity for men to turn their thoughts to spiritual things

October 16, 1916


I am here, St. Luke.

I desire to write my promised message, and if you feel that you can receive it, I will try to write. I desire to declare certain truths with reference to the necessity for men turning their thoughts to things spiritual and letting the material things of life consume less of their time and thoughts.

In the first place, what is eternal is of more importance than what is temporal and has an existence for a short time only, even though these things of time are necessary to sustain and preserve man while living his life on earth. I would not be understood correctly as implying that these material things are not necessary and important for man to acquire and use to the best possible advantage. They are a necessity to his earth existence, and it is not only a privilege but a duty for man to make the best possible use of these material gifts and to place himself in that condition that will enable him to enjoy to the utmost these things that have been provided for his material comfort and happiness. Further, it is his duty to bend his efforts to develop the use and application of these things so that the greatest possible benefit and utility may be derived from the proper use of them.

To do this, I understand that man has to give a portion of his thoughts and devote a part of his time to their consideration and to the means and methods by which the best results may be brought about. In doing this, man is not disobedient to God’s laws or to the requirements that the laws of his own being call for. The discoveries of the inventors are desirable, and men’s work in making these discoveries is commendable and so are efforts of the merchant and mechanic and financiers to succeed in their different undertakings and as a result accumulate money and use it for their comfort and sustenance.

But these things, or the thoughts and efforts used to accomplish these results, do not help the soul development or even the development of the spiritual side of man’s nature. If man devotes himself for the greater number of his hours of living to material pursuits, when he comes to lay his burdens down and pass into the land of spirits he will find that he is very poor indeed because the eternal part of his being has little development, and his soul is fitted for a place where those who have laid up their riches on earth must go.

So attractive is this accumulation of money and the gaining of fame or position to man that when once engaged in, and especially when accompanied with what he calls success, he naturally devotes his whole waking time and thoughts to these efforts. As a consequence, very little of this short time on earth is given to thoughts of and striving for things of the higher kind.

If mortals, and especially those who are so arduously and constantly engaged in the effort to win the success that I have just mentioned, could only see and know the condition of those who when on earth were engaged in similar pursuits with like aspirations and who are now in the spirit world, they would realize the utter futility of such efforts and the great soul-killing harm that the so-called success on earth has brought to these spirits.

While we may assume that many of these spirits did not do affirmative wrong or injury in their work and did not enter into the condition to which I refer because of any such wrong or injury, yet, they are in a stagnated and shriveled condition of soul and spiritual qualities. This is because when in their earnest pursuits of these material things they neglected the development of their souls or the cultivation of their spiritual qualities. Their sin was that of omission, and it is a sure one in its results and the more common one among men who think too much of material things or think not at all or are indifferent to everything and satisfied to live in an atmosphere or state of vegetating contentment.

The law operates the same upon the man who neglects his spiritual nature because of his absorption in the things material as upon the man who is guilty of such neglect because of indifference or contentment with the pleasures that these material things give him. In both cases the results are the same - the soul remains stagnant and the spiritual qualities lie dormant; the man of such neglect will find his place in the spirit world to be one of darkness and suffering.

Life is short and time is fleeting, even though a man may live his allotted time of three score and ten years, and there is no place in all of God’s universe where it is as important that man should start on his way to spiritual progress as in the earth life. There, the soul should have its awakening and be fed with thoughts and strivings for things spiritual. When the start is thus made on earth, it is so much easier for the continuous progress of the soul in the spirit world, If not, the awakening may be delayed for years, and the progress that follows generally is very slow.

So, I say let men not devote so much of their time to those things that are of time only while they remain in the world of time until the mortal becomes a spirit. Thoughts are things and when applied to man’s spiritual development they are things of the most vital importance. A little thought may start a dormant soul in hardly a living state to grow and increase into a thing of beauty and harmony. As it has been said, “Where your treasures are, there will your heart be also.”
So with all my love, I will say goodnight.

Your brother in Christ,

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What is the fact in reference to the authenticity of the Bible

March 12, 1917


I am here, Luke of the New Testament.

I desire tonight to write on the subject of what is the fact with reference to the authenticity of the Bible. I was with you at the lecture of the preacher on this subject, and I was surprised that he could announce with such apparent confidence that the Bible is the authentic word of God actually written by the men whose names appear therein as the writers of the same. The fact that he traced back the existence of certain manuscripts and versions to a hundred and fifty years subsequent to the time of the teachings of Jesus does not establish the truth of his declaration. By such establishment, does not guarantee the authenticity of the Bible or the genuineness of the manuscripts as they now exist, or that they contain the real writings of the Apostles or of those persons who are supposed to be the writers of the same from the fact that their names are associated with these manuscripts.

Neither is it true that John’s life was prolonged to the end of the first century in order that he might write the declarations of the eternal truths as declared by Jesus. John did not live until that time, and his writings were not preserved as he had formulated them, nor were the results of his declarations transmitted truthfully as claimed by those who teach the inviolability of the Scriptures.

I was a writer upon these sacred subjects, and as I have told you before, I wrote a document that was called the “Acts of the Apostles” and left a number of copies of my writings when I died. Such compilation was merely a history of what I had heard from those who had lived with and heard the teachings of Jesus and of their efforts to circulate and teach his doctrines after his death. I also had the benefit of some writings of the disciples about Jesus, but such writings were very few, for these disciples and followers of Jesus did not commence to place in the form of manuscript his teachings or the experience of his life until a longtime after he had left the earth. They expected his speedy return when he would become their king and legislator, and, hence, they saw no occasion or necessity for preserving in the form of writings the truths in which he had instructed them.

I know that after my own death the writings that I had left were not preserved intact, and that many things that I had incorporated therein were left out and ignored in the numerous copying and recopying of my manuscripts. Many things that I did not write and that were not in accord with the truth were inserted by these various successive copyists in their work of reproduction. Many of the things that were omitted and were of vital importance to the truth of things spiritual as they had been declared by the disciples as containing the truths that Jesus had taught.

During the period, the short period as the lecturer named between the earliest writings of the fathers of the Church and the times of the actual occurrences of the things that these writings are supposed to relate and correctly describe, there were many changes made in the writings that I had left, as well as in those left by the other original writers. Even in the epistles of Paul, which these theologians and Bible students claim have more authenticity and greater certainty than the gospels or other epistles of the Bible, many changes were made between the time of their writings and the time of the execution of the manuscripts or of the sermons by the fathers of the early church.

Within that one hundred and fifty years the truths of the spiritual teachings of the Master had become, to a more or less extent, lost to the consciousness and knowledge of those who attempted to reproduce the original writings. These men had become less spiritual, and their thoughts and efforts had become more centered in building up the Church as an establishment than in attempting to develop and teach and preserve his great spiritual truths. The moral precepts became the dominating objects of their writings and teachings. They were more easily comprehended by them than were the precepts that taught the way to the development of their souls and to a knowledge of the will of God. The mission of Jesus was as a way-shower and savior of souls rather than as a Messiah to establish his kingdom on earth.

No, I declare with authority that the authenticity of the Bible cannot be established as the word of God, for in very many particulars it is not but, on the contrary, contains many assertions that are not truths and are diametrically opposed to God’s truths, and to Jesus’ teachings of the truth.

The Bible has changed and perverted the whole plan of God for the salvation of man and has substituted a plan that arose from the limited wisdom of those who attempted to convince men that they had a knowledge of God and of the designs for their creation and destiny. They were influenced very largely in this particular by their knowledge of and belief in the teachings of the Jewish church and the history of the Jewish race in its dealings with God, as they supposed, and in the teachings of the Scribes and Pharisees. This fact was conspicuously shown by these writers attempting to substitute Jesus in their plan of salvation in the place of the animals of sacrifice in the Jewish plan of salvation.

Now, in order for the God of the Jews to be appeased and satisfactorily worshipped, blood and more blood was demanded, so the God that Jesus declared was the God of all the peoples of the earth, in order to be satisfactorily worshipped, demanded the blood of his dearly beloved son. Among these writings of the Bible there are many things declared to be truths and embodied as the actual words of God that are contradictory and unexplainable, and which, if they were the words of God or even the teachings of Jesus, would contain no contradiction or admit of any constructions that were not consistent with each other.

As the additions, emasculations, and interpretations were made in the original writings of those who declared the truths as they had heard them from the Master, the decreasing want of comprehension of spiritual matters and the growing wisdom of their own finite intellects caused them to conceive of a plan on the part of God for man’s salvation. As the recopying continued, the thoughts of those who copied, or who dictated the same, became more centered on this plan. These copies were gathered together and considered, and efforts were made to have some agreement in the declaration of this plan. As the new copies were made, they were constructed with the view of showing forth this agreement.

It must not be supposed that the copies from the manuscripts that are the basis of the Bible were executed and preserved in a manner that caused them to be isolated one from the other, and that they were not all known to the persons who copied or caused the copying of the writings from which the manuscripts were made, for that would not be true. These, then, may be called the basic copies, and they were in circulation at the time the Christian fathers wrote, and they had access to them, quoted from them, and helped to give them the interpretations that now prevail in the churches with the additional interpretations since those days.

Men now know that among these Christian fathers were bitter disputes as to what was a part of the word and as to what should be accepted and what rejected among these writings antedating the manuscripts that form the basis of the Bible. Many manuscripts purporting to be the word of God were rejected as such for the reason that they could not have been the records of God’s word, because they did not agree with what the bishops of the Church in their human knowledge and reason accepted as what God’s word should be. Even these bishops disagreed and differed, just as the human minds and reason disagree with one another.

Then I say the lecturer did not prove the authenticity of the Bible as being the word of God. He did not go down the “stream of time”, as he called it, far enough to discover the existence of any authenticity, and, that being so, his argument of proof is just as weak as if he had started from the time of the printed Bibles, when their contents were substantially the same, but not being the originals, the similarity proves nothing. What I have said with reference to my own writings, applies to the writings of all the others. The Bible does not contain their writings as they wrote and left them for mankind.

The Bible contains many truths and enough to enable man to reach the kingdom of heaven, provided they are correctly understood and applied. There are, however, so many things taught therein as truths that are just the opposite of truth that makes it difficult for men to discern and apply the truth and comprehend the will of God with respect to men and the destinies that must be theirs as they follow and obey that will or not.

I will not write more now as you are tired, but I will soon come and write a message on another subject that I have been desiring to write for some time.
With my love and blessings.

Your brother in Christ,

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Why Spiritualism as now taught does not
satisfy the soul's longings

December 5, 1915


I am here, Luke.

I want to write a few lines on the subject about which you and your friend (Dr. Stone) were talking, and that is as to whether Spiritualism, as now understood and taught, supplies what satisfies the souls of men in their longings for happiness, peace and contentment.

I have heard, from the time of my first entrance into the spirit life, a great many preachers and teachers of Spiritualism, both in recent years and all along the ages. Spiritualism is not a new thing, having its origin or belief in the recent years that followed the manifestations in America. Through the ages, spirits have manifested themselves to mortals in one form or another, and men have believed in Spiritualism and discussed it.

Of course, in former times when the churches had the great power that enabled them to dictate the beliefs of men, Spiritualism was not so openly taught or discussed as in these latter years. Nevertheless, it has always, during the time that I have named, been known to men. Though its teachings have not gone far beyond the phenomena that demonstrated to its believers the continuity of life and the communication of spirits. The higher things of the soul’s development and the kingdom of heaven, as you have been instructed, were never thought of, or, at least, never taught or believed in. Only the two facts of which I have spoken of were discussed and accepted. Even today, the scientific men who are investigating it deal only with the phenomena and are satisfied with proof that man never dies.

At no time has the existence of the divine love or the kingdom of God been sought or taught by the teachers of Spiritualism. In fact, such things could not have been taught, for they have not been known. God has never been anything more to the spiritualist than some indefinable abstract force whose existence is not of sufficient to make God anything more than a mere principle, as some say. The laws governing all nature are the only things that men look to for their ideas of right and wrong and the governing of their conduct in life.

The spiritualists speak of the love of man for one another, the brotherhood of man, the cultivation of the mind, and the moral qualities, but they admit to no outside help other than from some departed friend who may not be at all competent to help. Such help is only what one can give to another, and even when the help of what is called the “higher spirits” is spoken of it involves no different quality of help. I know that spirits do help mortals and also harm mortals, and all such help, according to the ideas of the spiritualists, is based upon what they suppose these spirits possess in the way of superior intellectual acquirements or moral qualities.

The soul of man is that part of him that is made in the image of God, although unconsciously it may be longing for what will actually make such image become substance, with its resultant happiness and joy. Yet you will not find that any spiritualist that teaches or attempts to teach how or in what way such substance may be acquired or the fact that there is such a substance. They do not know that the divine love, coming through the working of the holy spirit, is the only thing that can enable the soul to be transformed into the substance. Hence, they cannot teach the higher truths and, as a consequence, the longings of men’s souls are not satisfied by the teachings of Spiritualism.

Spiritualism, with all the truths that belong to it, is the true religion of the world and one that would prove more effective in bringing men into a state of reconciliation with God than all other religions combined. However, it is powerless and without drawing power as a religion because it has not the teachings that show men the way to God’s divine love and to the satisfying of the soul’s longings. Someday, in the near future, this defect will be remedied, and then you will see men and women flock to its bosom so that they can enjoy not only the happiness that communication with their departed friends give them but also the happiness that the development of the soul by this love gives them.

Why the great revelation of this truth has been delayed to spiritualists so long, I do not know, except it may be that they were not ready to receive it before. But now the time has come, and the false beliefs of the orthodox churches and the want of belief of the spiritualists will both disappear and men be made free and the possessors of the combined truths of Spiritualism and the existence of the divine love, which brings not just peace, but immortality. I must not write more tonight as you are tired, so I will say goodnight.

Your brother in Christ,