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Grandmother of medium affirms that no impostors
will be allowed to write through her grandson

April 5, 1915


I am here, your Grandmother.

I am glad to be with you, as I want to tell you some truths that you will benefit by knowing. You have had more or less doubt pass through your mind as to whether we are really the persons whom we represent ourselves to be, and whether it is your own mind producing the thoughts and writings, or whether some evil spirit or impostor does.

I want to tell you now, with all the love that I have for you, that every one of us who writes you is the person he or she represents himself or herself to be, and no spirit who may seek to impose on you is permitted to write or in any way communicate with you. Our band is sufficiently powerful to prevent any such spirit from intruding himself upon you. Of course, the unfortunate spirits who write you we permit to do so; however, they are not impostors, but tell you truthfully just who they are. I know how natural it is for you to doubt this great marvel of spirit communion and the truthfulness of our representations, but I assure you that it is all true.

The Master is the one of whom you have read about in the Bible, and of whom you have heard about all your life, the only difference being that he is not God, but a spirit - the greatest in all the heavens. His desire to do the great work that God gave him to do when on earth, and what he is doing now is not so very different now except that he is more highly developed than when a man traveling the plains and mountains of Palestine. He is more powerful now and knows so many more truths of God, and his love is just the same, only greater in degree.

So you must not doubt any longer or you will not develop as you should. Jesus is the wisest and most filled with God’s love of all the spirits in the celestial spheres. I know that you love us all, and I believe that you love him also. And when I tell you that his love is greater than that of any of us I am telling you what is true.

I would like to write more tonight, but there are some others here who are very anxious to write you, and I will stop.

Your own true and loving,

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Grandmother was nearly blind and deaf when on
earth though not unhappy, and how worry can be removed

January 9, 1917


I am here, your Grandmother.

Well, my dear grandson, it has been some time since I wrote you, and I feel that I must say a few words, as you are in a condition that needs some encouragement and sympathy.

I love you, as you know, and while I have not written you lately I have been with you a great deal, watching over you and trying to influence you with my love and powers by bringing to you spiritual thoughts and soul longings.

Now, I want to tell you a few things that may help you in your moments of worry. When on earth, as you know, I was nearly blind and deaf, and in such condition that would naturally cause me to worry and be unhappy. But I did not worry and was not unhappy. The secret was that I had in my soul the love of God. It was so real to me that no doubt of its existence ever came to cause me unhappiness, and I assure you that this love is the same kind of love that now floods my whole being and gives me the happiness that I now possess.

I remember that I did not have many material things to trouble me, for you looked after my material welfare and was always kind and loving to me. Yet, if it had not been for the love that I speak of, I can readily see that I should have been very worried and unhappy a great deal for my natural inclination was to worry when things did not go right.

So, I tell you from actual experience that all your worries, and by this I mean your causes of worry, may be taken from your conscious self if you will only seek for and obtain, which you certainly can do, this love of God. It is astonishing how efficacious it is to cause the worries and troubles to disappear. They, as you may know, are very largely a matter of the mind, and while in a certain sense they are real, the mind or its condition is the cause of the realization of the worries. Now consider for a moment the fact, and I know that you will agree with me that it is a fact, that the indulging in these worries does not remove the material causes of the worry. It does not in any manner bring relief from the troubles no matter how much you may allow your mind to dwell on these things, and how intensely you may worry. The cause, the material cause, remains.

You may say, and it is natural to do so, that it is easy enough to give advise not to let these inconvenient things cause worry, but when you come to the practical experience and are suffering from these conditions it is not so easy to throw aside the effect of these troubles on the mind. There is much truth in that, notwithstanding that this love that I tell you of, when living in the soul, will make even that effort easier to accomplish.

The philosophy of the “phenomenon”, if you may call it such, is the divine love is of such real substantial substance that it takes control of the mind and eliminates the consciousness of the reality of the causes of the worry. Now, I do not want to be understood as intending to convey the idea that these material causes are not real, for I am not a Christian Scientist to that extent. What I mean is that, notwithstanding the real existence of these causes, the effects of this love, and the faith that accompanies it upon the mind, is such that forgetting these causes of worry takes the place of the constant indulging in the thoughts of their existence, and the unhappy consequence that must flow from them.

The cause itself is not removed, but the consciousness of their existence, for the time being, is dissipated, and to the mind that is thus influenced by the love, these causes are as if they were not. Of course, they are existing and facing you to some extent, but it will come to you that they are not so over-whelming and insurmountable as they would appear were this love absent from the soul and its influence from the mind.

In addition to this, love and faith create a confidence in God’s power and willingness to help. That engenders courage, which enables the possessor of this confidence to over-come these causes of worry that he would not otherwise be able to do. What I have said may be called the “philosophy” of the workings of this love in its effective destruction of worry. Now, the great fact in this is that God does, as a truth, help one who is in the condition of possessing this love.

God’s love is real, the help is real, and the effect is to make the causes named things of unreality so far as the happiness of the object of this help is concerned. And as a truth, shown by the experience of mortals, a very large proportion of the worries and troubles that harass and cause so much unhappiness to mortals is a thing of the imagination and never realized.

So, my dear grandson, try to understand what I have written and apply it to your own condition, and you will find that your worries are not near so great as you now think. I know just what is facing you, and as you have been told by others who have written, in a short time you will be relieved, and the sun will again shine in your consciousness of existence. You will become in a much better condition to do your work, both that of your business and that of the Master.

You must not for a moment think that you will not be looked after so that you can do and complete the task that you have been selected to do. This is as certain as that the sun shines, and while for a time some disagreeable and disheartening things still may confront you, it will not be a great while before they will become things of the past, and you will be in condition to do this work without hindrance or interference.

So, think of all that I have said and try to believe and make practical the application of my philosophy. Above all, pray to God for a greater inflowing of this love and have faith to realize that it will become yours, limited only by your longings and sincerity of aspirations. I will come soon and write you a long letter on some spiritual truth that will be of interest to you.

I must stop now, and so with all my love and God's blessings, I will say goodnight.

Your loving,           

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A description of some of the spheres

December 22, 1915


I am here, your Grandmother.

I come because I see that you have been very much interested in the description of the various spheres of the spirit world as contained in the book that you have just been reading.

Well, my grandson, I have read the book, as you did, and I must say that I have grave doubts that any mortal ever had the experience related in that book. I, of course, will not positively say that he did not leave his body, visit some of the spheres of the spirit world, and attempt to give a description of what he saw, but I do not think it was possible for him to visit any sphere that is higher than his soul development would enable him to enter. I am informed that he was not a man with the soul development that would fit him for the higher soul spheres, so I do not understand how he could possibly have entered a sphere higher than the sixth.

At any rate, the descriptions of the higher spheres as contained in the book - and I mean by this the spheres above the third - are not correct in many particulars, for, as I have told you before, the fifth and seventh spheres are not intellectual spheres in the pre-eminent sense. In them are not the great colleges and institutions of learning that the book refers to. Neither are the inhabitants engaged in any special study of the laws of nature with the mere intellect, for in these spheres the great studies and aspiration of the spirits are given to the development of the soul by obtaining God’s love. To help in the work there are teachers who devote themselves to instructing these spirits in those things that will lead to this soul development.

The mind or mere intellect is not given much attention, but is subordinated to the soul development because with this, in whole or a part, comes a wonderful development of the faculties of what you might call the “mind” but we call, and which really are, the soul perceptions. I know it is hard for you to understand, for what we call the “soul perceptions” may be compared to the mental faculties as you commonly speak of them. These soul perceptions do not depend upon these mental faculties, and in fact the latter forms no part of the former, they are entirely distinct and of a different order and composition from these mental faculties.

These soul perceptions, as such, cannot be cultivated or made to increase in their powers or qualities by mere study. They and their progress are entirely dependent upon and not separated from the development of the soul in love. I mean the love of God. In other words, unless there be a development of the soul by this love, there will be no development of the soul perceptions. It is difficult to explain this to you, but you may possibly get some idea from what I have said.

The sixth sphere is the great intellectual sphere, and in it are wonderful colleges and institutions of learning. Many spirits who were great intellectually on earth are teachers in these institutions. You must not think that because certain spheres are preeminently intellectual there are not teachers of the higher truths pertaining to the soul and to the love of man working in them. There are, and many great spirits of the celestial spheres are engaged in this teaching. This I must say, that the work is more difficult and the effort to convince these spirits of highly developed intellectuality and knowledge is more strenuous than in any of the lower spheres. These bright-minded spirits seem to think that the mind is the great thing to be cultivated and looked after, and while in a way they worship God, it is merely with the faculties of the mind.

They do not think that there is any truth in the teachings of God’s love in contradistinction to the love that they possess, which is only the human or natural love. I have been in all these spheres and have worked in them, and what I tell you I know from actual experience.

He (the author) is mistaken, for in the seventh sphere the spirits have homes just as they do in the lower spheres, only they are much more beautiful and bring more happiness and gladness because of the great number of additional things that are provided by God to increase their happiness.

As to our clothing, we are clothed in what you would say a modest and comfortable way. Our clothing is not so flimsy as to permit our forms to be seen as if we had on no clothing at all.

We wear clothes to cover our bodies because we think it proper to do so. We make our clothes by our own thoughts and will, and they are of the most glorious and shining appearances that you can imagine. As all things in nature have a covering, so in the spirit world the spirits all have coverings, and this is so even in the celestial sphere in which I live. I have never seen such a thing as a naked or nearly-naked spirit.

I would like to write more tonight but it is late, and you are tired. I will say with all my love, goodnight.

Your own loving,          

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Ann Rollins’ experiences as a spirit,
and a description of Jesus

May 13, 1915


I am here, your Grandmother.

I am happier than I can tell you. I am living in my home and it is beautiful beyond the possibility of description.

Tonight I want to tell you of my experience in seeking the love of God and in realizing that love knows no shadow of wavering or cessation. I was not always filled with faith or believed so implicitly in prayer. In my early married life I received the conviction that if I were to be happy in life and fitted to receive the blessings that the Bible promised to those who should seek the Lord, I must see the necessity of seeking. I then with all the earnestness of my nature commenced seeking for this love, and as a result I found it, along with a great happiness and peace.

You know what my spiritual condition was in my later years on earth, and how my faith was such that, although I was nearly deaf and blind, yet I was happy and joyful. When I came to the spirit world, I brought that faith and love with me, and I found that it was just as real here as it had been on earth. Of course, in some of my beliefs I was mistaken, such as my belief that Jesus was God, and that his death and blood saved or could save me from sin and damnation. Notwithstanding my mistakes in these particulars, however, my love for God was not interfered with, and I continued to live in that love and was happy.

I had not been in this world for a great while before spirits of a higher order than myself came to me and told me many wonderful things of God’s kingdom. They told me that my progress to the higher spheres would depend upon my receiving more of this love in my soul and becoming more at-one with God.

The first time I saw Jesus was after I had been in the third sphere a short while, and when I met him he impressed me as being the most beautiful and loving spirit that I had ever seen. When he told me that he was Jesus, I, of course, was somewhat surprised, because I had believed that he was in the heavens sitting on the right hand of the Father, as I had been taught on earth to believe. When Jesus saw my surprise he looked on me with a wonderful love and said that I must not believe further that he was God accepting the worship of men, for he was a spirit as I was, and was still working among mortals and spirits to lead them into the light and the way to God’s love.

At first, I confess, it was difficult for me to believe this, and I had my doubts, but his manner of speaking to me and the wonderful love that he displayed, not only for me but for all men, soon convinced me that he was the true Jesus and not an impostor. Afterwards, I met many spirits who knew him and had been his followers for many years. They told me that he was the Jesus of the Bible, and that I could not do anything else but believe it. Now, after my long years of association with him and feeling his ministrations of love and the influence of his greatness, I know that he is the true Jesus. Through his teachings and overwhelming love he saves men from their sins by showing them the way to God’s forgiveness and mercy. So, my dear son, do not doubt what I tell you in reference to this matter, or what I have already told you.

It is somewhat difficult to describe his appearance, but I will try. He is of a commanding figure, as you say on earth. His features are regular, and his eyes are of a deep blue, almost a purple blue, with such depths of love in them that under its influence you almost forget to note the color of his eyes. His hair is a beautiful brown, worn long and parted in the middle so that it falls over his shoulders. His nose is straight and somewhat long, with nostrils very refined and showing the artistic elements in his nature. He wears a beard quite long and very silky and brown like his hair. His manner is grace itself and modesty personified, and yet, in him is the intensity of feeling that can show itself in just indignation when the occasion requires. Yet, with all the great beauty of his person and the greater love of his soul showing itself, he is very humble, more so than any spirit I have seen.

I have given you a bare outline of his appearance, and you will never fully realize in your mind’s eye just what his appearance is. Only when you come over and meet him will you fully understand the appearance of the most wonderful and beautiful and loving spirit in all God’s universe. Someday this will happen, and you will not have the doubts that I had, and your heart will go out to him from the first moment of your meeting. My dear son, it is a greater privilege than you can appreciate, and be prepared to meet your friend and teacher. So, you see, my experience was a somewhat exceptional one and a secret of its being so is that I received great faith and the love of God while I was on earth.

While the teachings of many preachers are that the earth is the only place of probation, that teaching is not correct. Yet, if it were believed more, and men prepared their future in view of that belief, many a mortal, when he becomes a spirit, would avoid experiences that are unpleasant and have retard his progress in the spirit world. Of course, such a belief that the earth is the only place of probation when the mortal fails to make the preparation, will work him great injury after he becomes a spirit because such a belief is difficult to get rid of, and as long as it lasts, the spirit is very apt to believe that his status is fixed forever. Hence, he will not progress until he accepts the truth that he can make this progress in the spirit world.

Sometimes, men do not attempt to take full advantage of their time on earth and come to the spirit world in all their material thoughts and sins. Their souls are dead and in such condition they will find that they will have a more difficult time to awaken and progress. I am informed that some spirits have been in this world for many, many years and have not yet had an awakening. So you must see the importance of taking advantage of the earth time. Well, dear grandson, I have written a great deal and must stop now, though I should like to write you a much longer time. So with all my love I will close and sign myself.

Your loving Grandmother,
Ann Rollins