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(1703 - 1719)

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Wesley confirms that James Padgett has been chosen
to be the writing instrument for Jesus’ truths

July 17, 1915


I am here, a man who lived in the faith of the Christ, and who was a true follower of him and lover of God. I hesitate to write at the same time with these great spirits who have written you, and yet, I want to give my testimony also to the fact that I have heard the Master say that he has chosen you for the work of delivering his truths to the world. My dear brother, believe this great fact with all your mind and soul, for it is a truth, and one that prefers you before any other mortal.

Jesus is the greatest of all spirits and the one nearest the fountainhead of God’s love. He has declared to us who are close to him and working to accomplish his great desire for man’s salvation that he has selected you to do the work, and you will not fail if you will only have faith.

So make your start in trying to get this faith, and pray to God for more of it, and it will be given to you in great abundance. Only God can give the faith that will remove mountains and overcome all obstacles.

I must not write more, and will say goodnight. I sign myself your true brother and co-worker in the cause.

John Wesley, the Methodist preacher

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Wesley reassures Padgett not
to worry about his material wants

September 30, 1915


When the Master said, “Feed my sheep” (John 21:16), he not only meant that Peter and those to whom he was talking should feed the spiritual natures of those who should believe in him and try to belong to his fold, but he also intended that their material wants should be taken care of.

Tonight he is saying the same thing, and as you are his sheep of special care and love, he intends that all the things that are necessary for your well being shall be given you. So do not doubt at all, but believe that you will be looked after in all your times of need.

He was so loving to you tonight that we were all somewhat astonished at the great love that we saw going to you and thought how dear you must be to him. I have never seen him take such interest in any particular person before, and when you realize what his love and power are, you will be more astonished than were we.

I see what your troubles are, and while they may seem mountains high to you, they are merely temporary and will soon pass away. So believe in what the Master told you, and pray to God for love and faith.

I will not write more, and will say God bless you.

Your brother in Christ,
John Wesley    

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Wesley attends the services over Padgett’s daughter’s remains

June 21, 1918


I am here, John Wesley.

Let me write a line. I was present tonight at the services over your daughter’s remains and saw what a wonderful congregation of high and beautiful spirits were there. Your band was present, and the Master was shedding his love and influence over the mourners and near ones.

Your daughter’s spirit was also present, and although it seemed a little strange to her that she should be outside her body and could look upon it as it lay cold and dead, yet she understood and was quite happy that so many of her friends were there displaying their sympathy and love.

Of course, your wife was present and was radiantly happy in her love for you, her boys, and her other relatives. She had her daughter close by her side and was telling her of the truths of the resurrection as the minister read the services, especially how the great love of God is necessary for the true resurrection and heaven.

It was a glorious evening with the spirits, and no sorrow or unhappiness was with them, only their sympathy for the grief of those who did not know the truth of the liberation of the spirit from the bondage of the flesh.

I might tell you many things that occurred among the spirit visitors, but I am admonished not to write more, so will say goodnight.

Your brother in Christ,
John Wesley