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Jesus explains his reasons why he selected the
lawyer James Padgett to be his medium and mouth piece

October 25, 1918


I am here, Jesus.

Well, my dear brother, time is passing, and the necessity for the revealing is very apparent, as men are longing and waiting for what will satisfy the natural cravings of their souls and that the present religion, called “Christianity”, has not in it the qualities to satisfy.

I am pleased that you are in so much better condition and that your love is again becoming active and awakened and operating upon the qualities of your brain so that a rapport can be made. I would like very much to deliver a message dealing with spiritual truth tonight. You must try to think spiritual thoughts until by such thinking your brain may become, as it were, infused with these thoughts and thereby receive those qualities that will make its condition similar to those of the minds of the spirits who wish to form a union with your brain and convey through it the truths that are waiting to be delivered. I confirm what John has written and, in addition, say that your praying must be more frequent so that your soul may be freed from the condition of the existence in it of thoughts not spiritual.

You need not wait for occasions or opportunities to pray formally, but all during the day and evening let your longings for the love ascend. A long prayer, or even one formulated into words, is not necessary. In order to have the longing it is not necessary that words should be used to give it form. The longing may be as rapid as unformed thought but as effective for God to catch, as I may say. The longing is quicker than the thought, and the answer to the same will come with as much certainty as if you were to put the longing into the most exact form.

Prayers of this kind ascend to God and are heard and answered and, by a law of your relationship, affect the qualities of the brain in the way of preparing it for the union with the spiritual thoughts of the spirits who desire to write. Your thoughts of spiritual things or of the truths of the spirit world as they have already been revealed to you, and especially those that pertain to the love and mercy of the Father and to his will in their passing and operating, which also affects the qualities of the brain so as to produce the condition that is necessary for our rapport.

It may be surprising to you that this condition is required in the brain of a human and also the development of their soul, which really produces the condition, in order for rapport to be made so that the spiritual truths can be delivered. It may also be surprising that you have been selected from all the men on earth in whom this condition and development shall be made. There are certain qualities in your constitution, both spiritual and material, that render you susceptible to the influence of our powers and to the use by us for the purpose of our design and work. It may seem strange to you that in all the long ages preceding I have not found one mortal with the qualification to fit him for this work.

I have used others before, but they have failed to submit their minds, souls, beliefs, and thoughts to our influence and directions as you have so far done. Many mortals have the necessary conditions of spiritual and material makeup to perform our work and wishes, but as they all have free will, we cannot compel, and as circumstances, environments, education, and beliefs are elements that affect and determine the possibility of our finding an instrument suitable for our purposes, we have not been able to find a medium who was qualified to be used for our work.

You, of course, understand that you were not selected because of any special goodness or freedom from sin or because you were more beloved by God because of your course of living or for the reason of any spiritual condition that you were in. There were many superior to you in goodness and more in at-onement with the will of God, and whose love, and the results therefrom, were more perfect than yours. So you will realize that you were not selected because of any special spiritual merits possessed by you.

As you have been told, all things in the spirit world, as well as on earth, are controlled by immutable laws, and all spirits as well as mortals are subject to those laws. The law of rapport and communication must be complied with by spirits, no matter how much elevated, and also by mortals, and no spirit, by reason of the possession of any supposed power, can set aside this law. While spirits have not this power, yet they may have such knowledge of conditions that they can discern what qualities in the condition of a human are susceptible to the influence and molding by the spirits so that as a result thereof the law may be brought into operation. This briefly will explain to you why I selected you as my medium and mouthpiece.

I want you to know that for a long time I have been endeavoring to influence and mold your mind and beliefs, so that your soul might become developed in such a way that conditions might be formed that would enable us to make a rapport that would permit our controlling your brain to convey these messages of truth. You are a natural medium, and for ordinary purposes it was not difficult for the spirits to control and communicate through you the truths of the spirit world, which are not of a nature such as I and others have communicated in reference to the soul spheres and the relationship of God to man in the higher spiritual sense.

There is another phase to all this, more personal to you, and this is that, while we have been developing you for the purpose of doing our work and helping make effective our mission, your soul has been developed in its spiritual nature, and you have come into a closer union with God and have partaken to a large extent of God's divine love and, to a degree been transformed into the divine essence. You have become a very different person from what you were when your development for our purpose commenced, and, as a consequence, you will derive all the benefits that flow from an experience such as you have had.

You are now one of us in the progress towards the fountainhead of God’s love and have taken on a portion of immortality, and it depends only upon yourself how rapid your progress will be towards a complete transformation, such as spirits who are inhabitants of the celestial spheres possess. You need not wait until you come to the spirit world in order to make rapid progress, although it will be more difficult for you while in the flesh, as you understand, yet wonderful progress may be made then, and you have been told its secret.

I will further say that you have a closer association with spirits that are nearer to God and more possessed of the divine essence than has any other earthly human at this time. To you, this may seem extravagant and improbable, but I declare to you it is true, that I, and many spirits who come to you and write are in the celestial spheres of God’s immortality.

I have written a long time, and you are somewhat tired. Remember my advice and pray often and earnestly if but for a moment, and the necessary spiritual condition will be yours, and we will come and continue our revealment.

With my love and blessing, I am your brother and friend.

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God's truths may be understood by the simple
and do not require a highly developed mind

August 3, 1915


I am here, Jesus.

My truths are plain and my teachings can be understood by the simple. Any religion that requires the exercise of the mental faculties to an extent greater than what is required in the ordinary affairs of life cannot be a true religion. God has designed that all shall understand his truth without the necessity of having a highly developed mind.

He that tries may understand my teachings, and it will not be necessary for any preacher or teacher to explain them. My language will explain itself. So let your mind not be troubled over the question as to whether only the mentally developed can understand what I write, for the truths are for all.

So with all my love, I am your brother and friend,

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Jesus states his mission in writing these messages
is his Second Coming to earth as was expected

December 2, 1915


I am here, Jesus.

I have heard your discussion tonight, and I am pleased at the soul understanding of my truths that you and your friend (Dr Stone) keep brachets seem to have. I now feel that you are both progressing to the point where you will soon be in a condition fully to understand what my mission is in writing these messages. You have said that my new revelation of the truths of the soul is what mankind needs at this time and what men will be in condition to accept as the real truths of God and of his laws.

My coming to you is really my Second Coming to earth, and the result of my coming in this way will satisfy and fulfill all the promises of the Scriptures as to this event.

So let your belief in this important fact and your faith in me increase until you will have in your souls and minds no doubt as to what my present mission is and as to what your work will be in making known to men my real purpose in revealing to them the great truths of God.

I will not write more tonight but say keep up your courage and believe, and the time will soon come when you will be able to receive my messages in all their fullness and with such rapidity that the spreading of these truths will not be delayed. I am with you and will be a faithful friend and brother, closer to you than any earthly brother.

With all my love and blessings,

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The religion of the future will be a comprehensive and final one
founded on the messages that James Padgett is receiving

November 6, 1917


I am here, Jesus.

I have been with you part of the time as you were reading the different explanations of the various religions, and I tried to direct your mind so that you might conceive the difference between the things taught in those teachings and what we are revealing to you. Many things that are set forth in those teachings that are mysteries and the results of speculation will be revealed to you in their true existence and meaning so that all defects or desiderata that arise because of the insufficiency of these teachings will be corrected and supplied.

I am glad that you read these sermons, for they demonstrate to you a number of truths that were known to the ancients but which fall far short of the truth. At those times there was no source from which our truths could come either in the spirit world or in the mortal world, and, hence, humans could not become inspired as to the vital truths that we are revealing.

The men who appeared as reformers and gave forth the truths that were unknown to their fellow men were inspired by intelligent spirits of the spirit world, though that inspiration could not be greater or higher than the knowledge of the spirits by whom these men were inspired. What I say here applies not only to the prophets and teachers of Old Testament times but to those of all times and among all races preceding my coming to earth and making known the great truths that were revealed to me by God.

I noticed that some of these teachers and writers of essays at the great religious gathering attempted to speak of a future or world religion, and their claims were divergent and based mostly on those foundations that will never support such a religion. They almost entirely based their concepts on principles of morality as understood by them, and the churches based their beliefs on the teachings of the New Testament, which in many and vital particulars are erroneous, especially the basic one that I am God the son and that my sacrifice and vicarious atonement must be the touchstone of the future great and ultimate religion. As their claims are not true, it is certain that any religion based upon them cannot be true or lasting.

Although it is true that there will be a religion of the future and a comprehensive and final one, and it will be founded upon the truths that you are now receiving. It will be inclusive of all the other religions so far as the truths that they contain are concerned, with the addition of the greatest of all truths affecting mortals: the transformation of the human soul into the divine. Hence, you see the importance of our working more rapidly in our efforts to disclose and disseminate this truth.

I will come in a few nights and deliver another formal message. I will not write more now, but with my love and blessings will say goodnight. I am with you as I promised and will continue to be.

Your brother and friend,

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There is no Devil or Satan considered
as a real person or fallen angel

January 3, 1916


I am here, Jesus.

I am with you tonight to warn you against letting any doubt enter your mind or heart as to my actually writing to you, for I and none other is actually in communication with you.

The book that you read is a snare and a lie, for there are no angels who have become devils, as the author of that book declares. Never were there any angels who through ambition or any other reason revolted against the power of the government of God and thereby lost their estate as angels. Never was there any Lucifer, and never were there any angels who were thrown from the battlements of heaven into hell, as it has been written (Isaiah 14:12), and there are no devils and no Satan considered as real persons or fallen angels.

The only spirits in the spirit world are those who at one time were mortals and who lived lives on earth, shorter or longer. Also, whenever angels are mentioned in the Bible, or rather in the New Testament, in places that contain my sayings or those of the Apostles, and I mean those sayings that were actually said, the word “angel” always refers to the spirit of some mortal who had passed the line between life and death as commonly understood.

There are so many important truths to be taught that are vital to man’s salvation and happiness both on earth and in the spirit world. Now, this you must believe, that no devils ever write you or in any manner manifest to any of the numerous mediums who are used to show the existence of the spirits of men in the spirit world. There are spirits of all kinds, just as there are mortals of all kinds, having all the traits and characteristics of mortals, and some of these spirits may be justly called “wicked” or “evil” spirits and even “devils”. However, they are nothing more or less than spirits such as I have described.

I know that the belief of the majority of men is that there are such things as devils and that they are independent creations of God made to tempt and inflict all kinds of trouble and unhappiness on men. Now, because of the great number of years that these beliefs have existed and the fact that many of the churches still teach that such devils do exist and are at all times trying to tempt and injure men, it is hard and will be difficult to induce men to believe that there are no such things as devils, which is the truth.

The Bible speaks in many places of my casting out devils from men, of men being possessed by devils, and of the Apostles casting out devils (Matthew 7:22), and of their not being able to cast out some of these devils. I tell you now that the Bible is wrong in this regard. The writers and translators of the Bible never understood what the word “devil”, as used in these various instances, meant or intended to mean. As I have told you, there was never any devil or devils in the sense mentioned and taught by the churches, and, consequently, they never could have possessed mortals nor have been cast out of them.

Though, it is true that by the workings of the law of attraction and the susceptibility of mortals to the influence of spirit powers, mortals may become obsessed by the spirits of evil - that is, the spirits of men who once lived on earth. This obsession may become so complete and powerful that the living mortal may lose all power to resist this influence of these spirits and may be compelled to do things that the mortal would not normally desire to do. He may show all the evidence of a distorted mind and present appearances of a lost will power as well as of the loss of the ability to exercise the ordinary powers given him by his natural creation.

In these instances referred to of casting out devils (Mark 9:38), wherever they occurred, and they did occur in some of the instances mentioned, the only devils that existed were the evil spirits who had possessed these mortals. This obsession exists today just as it did then, for the same laws are in operation now as were in existence then, and many a man is in a condition of evil life and disturbed mind from the obsession of these spirits. If there were any men of today in that condition of soul development and belief that my disciples were in, they could cast out these so-called “devils” just as the disciples cast them out in the days of the Bible.

Men do not have this faith, though there are many who have been blessed with the inflowing of the holy spirit. Yet, they have not the belief that such work as the disciples performed can be performed by them now. In fact, most of them believe that it would be contrary to God’s will to attempt to exercise such powers, and, hence, they never attempt to do such work.

When men learn that in all the ages God is the same, that his laws work the same, and that man is the same so far as the soul’s possibilities are concerned. The faith that God made possible for man to attain may be possessed now just as it was possessed by my disciples, then they will attempt this work of beneficence and will succeed. The sick will be healed and the devils cast out, the blind made to see and the deaf to hear, and the so-called “miracles” will be performed as they were in my days on earth.

There is not and never was such a thing as a miracle in the sense of having an effect produced by a cause that was not the result of the ordinary workings of God’s laws. These laws in their workings never vary, and when the same law is called into operation upon the same condition of facts, the same results will always be produced. So, let a mortal have in his soul the same amount of God’s love that the Bible writers meant or should have meant when they spoke of being endowed by the holy ghost (Luke 11:13), and let him have the necessary faith that, when he prays to God, he will receive this love to a sufficient degree to produce the desired results. Then he will try to exercise the power of casting out devils or healing, etc., and he will find that success will follow his efforts.

You let doubt come into your mind, and, as a consequence, your soul does not respond, although, strange as it may seem, the divine love is there. When this mental doubt exists, it is as if it were a covering that prevents the existence of the love in the soul to shine forth and produce the great feeling of happiness and joy that otherwise you might experience. The mental condition of the mortal undoubtedly has a great influence on the consciousness of the man as to his possession of this soul development and the divine love, and, consequently, there will have to be this continuous fight as long as life lasts on earth between the mental conditions and the soul’s consciousness.

Now, as the mental beliefs are brought into harmony with the soul’s condition, more and more the fight will grow weaker and less frequent, and it is possible that it will cease altogether. The mental beliefs will become entirely and absolutely subordinated or rather absorbed in the soul’s consciousness of its being possessed of the love of God.

I will not write more tonight but will, in closing, say that you have my love and blessings and my promises that I will fulfill so that you will realize your expectations and be in condition to perform the work that you have been selected to do.

So, my dear brother, I will say goodnight.

Your brother and friend,

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The importance of cultivating the soul perceptions; spiritual
things cannot be perceived with the material mind

October 25, 1915


I am here, Jesus.

I have heard your discussion and am much pleased that you and your friend are progressing so rapidly in the knowledge of truth, and very soon you both will be surprised at the extent of knowledge of spiritual things and truths that will come to you.

No man who on earth is given to only what you may call the “material things” will be able when he becomes a spirit to understand the spiritual laws until he has gotten rid of the material mind and the reasoning that comes from the powers that have been exercised only in the investigation of material things. You cannot perceive spiritual things with the material mind. Neither can one, by reason of those powers of the mind that know only material things, be able to perceive the truths of the spirit. Hence the necessity for man cultivating the soul perceptions, which are greater and more comprehending than all the faculties of the material mind.

Mind, as usually understood by man, is undoubtedly a wonderful instrument in investigating and learning the laws of nature and the relation of cause and effect in the physical world. Such powers, however, when applied to the things of the spirit, will not help much, but rather, retard the progress of the soul’s development of its faculties. The reasoning power given to man is the highest quality of the material mind and, when properly exercised, affords a very safe and satisfactory method of arriving at the truth. Yet, such power when exercised in reference to things that are strangers to it, or having no acquaintance with it or having never been concerned in the investigation of the phenomena of their existence, cannot be depended upon to bring about conclusions that will assure men of the truth.

The spiritual laws are eternal and never change and are made by God to be applied to all the conditions and to all the relationships of the material world and those of the spiritual world. But the laws that apply to the operations of the material world are not fitted to apply to the operations of the spiritual world. The man who understands the former and their application to material things is not able to apply these laws to the spiritual world and to spiritual things. Knowledge of the laws pertaining to the natural will not supply a knowledge of the laws pertaining to the spiritual.

Hence, the great scientist who, when on earth, was able to discover and show the operation of the laws controlling material things, when he comes to the spirit world and attempts to apply this knowledge to the things of the spirit, he will be wholly unable to do so and will be as a babe in his ability to understand and draw deductions of the spiritual laws. So you see the necessity for man to become acquainted with these spiritual laws if he expects to progress where they apply.

The material laws may be learned by the operation of the senses that belong to and constitute the material mind, but the spiritual laws can only be learned by the exercise and application of the faculties of the soul. The soul is to the spiritual things of God what the mind is to the material things of God. The great mistake that men make and have made is to attempt to learn these spiritual things with the powers of the material mind.

I write thus because I see that you and your friend desire to learn the nature and operations and workings of the spiritual things, and, hence, I want to impress upon you the necessity for exercising the soul perceptions that will come to you as your soul develops. These perceptions are just as real as are the five senses of the natural mind, though most men do not even know of their existence. When once you have succeeded in understanding that they do exist and that you may be able to use them just as you use the faculties of the material mind. Then you will be able to progress in the development of these faculties or perceptions with as much success and certainty as does the great scientist or philosopher in the studies of the things that he applies the faculties of his material mind. I hope that I have made plain what I intend to convey.

I will not write more tonight but say, let your faith increase and pray more to God, and you will see open up to you a wonderful vista of knowledge of the truths of the spirit.

Your friend and brother,

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The way to Jesus' kingdom in the celestial heavens

May 15, 1917


I am here, Jesus.

I come tonight and desire to write my message, and I hope that you may be able to receive it. I will describe to you the way to the kingdom of God in the celestial heavens.

In all of God’s universe and in the creation of things material and spiritual, the only one who can possibly have within him anything of a divine nature is the man who possesses the divine love. The bestowal of this love was intended, in its operation and effect, to transform man into a divine angel and an inhabitant of the kingdom of God in the celestial heavens where only that which is divine can enter.

There is a kingdom in the celestial heavens, though it is not a finished one, for it is still open and in the process of formation. It is open to the entry of all spirits, and they must seek for it in the only way that God has provided. No spirit will be excluded from it that with all the longings of his soul, will aspire to enter this kingdom. I must also state that the time will come when this celestial kingdom will be completed, and thereafter no one will be able to enter therein, and the kingdom that will then be accessible to men will be the kingdom that will exist on earth or that now exists in the spirit world.

Now, the Bible, which most of those professing to be Christians believe contains my sayings and teachings, has set forth the way to the kingdom. The words are few and the way is plain, and no mystery prevents men from comprehending the meaning thereof. When I said, “Except a man be born again, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God,” and here I disclosed the only and true way to the kingdom”. During my time on earth there were some who understood this great truth, and, since that time, there have been some who not only understood this truth, but found the way and followed it until they reached the goal and are now inhabitants of this kingdom. Hence, the vast majority of priests, teachers, and men has never understood or sought to find the way.

And so, all down the ages since the kingdom has been waiting for men, they, though in all sincerity and with love towards God, have sought and to a greater or lesser extent found only the kingdom of the perfect man and have neglected to look for and missed the kingdom of the divine angel.

Then, the only way to the celestial kingdom is simply this: that men must believe with all the sincerity of their minds and souls that this great love of God is waiting to be bestowed upon each and all of them, and that when they come in faith and earnest aspirations, this love will not be withheld from them. In addition to this belief, if men pray with all the earnestness and longings that God will open up their souls to the inflowing of his love and that then may come to them the holy spirit to bring this love into their souls in such abundance that their souls may be transformed into the very essence of God. The man who will thus believe and pray will never be disappointed, and the way to the kingdom will be his as certainly as the sun shines day by day upon the just and the unjust alike. No mediator is needed nor are the prayers or ceremonies of priests or preachers, for God comes to man and hears his prayers and responds thereto by sending the comforter, which is God’s messenger for conveying into the souls of men his love.

I have thus explained the way to the celestial kingdom of God and to the divine nature; there is no other way whereby it is possible to reach this kingdom and the certain knowledge of immortality. So, I implore men to meditate on these great truths and in meditating believe and, when believing, pray to God for the inflowing into their souls of this divine love, and in doing so they will experience belief, faith, possession, and ownership of what can never be taken from them, not in all eternity.

I am a progressing spirit, and as I grew in God’s love and knowledge and wisdom when on earth, I am still growing in these qualities. When the love and mercy of God comes to me, it comes with the assurance that never in all eternity will I cease to progress towards the very fountainhead of the attributes of God, the one God, the All in All.

I have finished and feel that you have received my messages as I intended, and I am pleased. I will not write more and, with my love and blessings, will say goodbye.

Your brother and friend,
Jesus of the Bible