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Wife of medium describes her experience leaving
her body and going to the spirit world

December 8, 1914

I am here, Helen.

I am so very happy, as you love me very much tonight. I can see that your thoughts are with me much more than of late. Let me continue to feel that you love me.

When I realized that the time had come for me to go, I did not fear to do so, but calmly waited and thought that all my sufferings would soon end. When my spirit left the body I commenced to feel as if I was rising out of it, and that I was going upward to the place that I had so often heard my father speak about.

I had scarcely awakened to the fact that my spirit had left the body before your mother had me in her arms and was trying to tell me that I had nothing to fear or cause me to feel that I was not with those who loved me. She was so beautiful that I hardly realized that it was she, and when I began to see that I was no longer in my body, I asked her not to leave me, but to take me with her to where she lived. She told me that I could not go there, but that God had prepared a place for me to go to, and that she would accompany me and show me the truth of my future existence.

I went with her, and she took me to a place that was very beautiful and filled with spirits who had recently passed over. She did not leave me for a longtime, and when she did, your father came to me and said, “I am Ned’s (Padgett) father and want to help you realize that you are now in the spirit world, and you must not let the thoughts of the earth keep you from getting in a condition to learn that all of us are only waiting for the love of God to help us to higher and better things.”

Your grandmother soon came to me and told me who she was, and she was so beautiful and bright that I scarcely could look at her. Her face was all a glow with what seemed to me to be a heavenly light. Her voice was so sweet and musical that I thought she must be one of God’s angels that I had read about in the Bible. She told me of the things that God had prepared for me, and wanted me to believe that I was loved. After awhile I started to think that I must be deceived in my sight and hearing, and I was still on the earth and needed only my body again to know that I was still a mortal.

Some time elapsed before I really became conscious that I was a spirit and was not on earth, for when I tried to talk to you (Padgett), as I did, you would not listen to me and turned away from me as if you did not hear or see me. After a short time your mother and father came to me again, and tried to persuade me that I must not continue in my belief that I was still of the earth, and must believe that I was now in the spirit life and needed only the things of the spirit to make me more contented.

So, you see, I was so very fortunate in having your dear parents and grandmother welcome me when I passed over. If they had not received me I do not know to what condition of fear and distraction I might have been subjected. No spirit can learn the truth of the change unless in someway helped by others.

Yes, when my son came to where my body lay I returned and saw it taken away, and afterwards buried but I still did not understand what it all meant, and only when your grandmother told me that I would no more inhabit it, did I commence to realize that I had left it forever. Even then I had some feeling that she was mistaken, that in some way I would return to it again and continue to live on the earth.

When I left my body I felt that something unusual was happening, but I was not afraid. As I always in life, dreaded death, the strange thing to me was that I did not look upon death as dying it was a pleasant dreamy feeling. I had been suffering pain, but I thought that I was getting well, and that the feeling of relief that came over me was the result of my getting better. As my spirit arose, I thought only of my improved condition and how I would soon be able to return home and see my friends. No other thoughts came to me, not even my love of God, or the fact that I was not in condition, as regards to my soul, to meet my Maker, as I had been taught. There was absolutely no fear of what might happen to me, or that I would soon be called upon to account for the sins I had committed.

Just before my spirit left my body I was unconscious, but just as soon as I separated I became fully conscious and knew everything that took place. I did not feel as if I were at all in danger or needed the help of anyone. I did not stay with my body at all, but when I commenced to leave it, I continued to rise, as I have told you, until your mother met me. So you see, death, which I so much feared, was not such a dreadful thing to experience after all.

When you come over I will be there to receive you and love you so much that you will never have to go through the period of doubt that I did. Your father is also waiting to receive you and, in fact, all of your spirit band has agreed that, when you come, you will have nothing to fear for want of help and love. You must let me stop now, for I am tired.

Your own true and loving,

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Mrs. Padgett describes the method used to
communicate her thoughts to her husband

December 9, 1914

I am here, Helen.

I am here, your own true and loving Helen. After I passed over, I saw that I must seek a way to communicate with you from my spirit existence. You do not know this, but it is a fact that I was with you when you visited the medium that informed you that you were a medium, and could be possessed of the gift of automatic writing. I learned this fact from some of your spirit relatives, principally your father, who impressed this medium to tell you the fact of your psychic abilities. When, at last, you made the experiment, I was present with you and exerted all my powers, and I had the help of other spirits to make your experiment a success. When you commenced to receive my messages I cannot tell you how happy I was and thankful that the way was opened up that enabled me to tell you that, above everything else, what I was so anxious to tell you was that I loved you with all my heart and soul.

Let me tell you that you are only making yourself unhappy trying to learn all about the way that I write to you, for you cannot, as you are not able to see my method, and I cannot fully explain it to you, but I will try to do as best I can.

When you take hold of the pencil, I exercise all my power to move the pencil so that it will write just what I think, and in order to do that I have to let my thoughts go through your brain. You do not do the thinking but merely let the thoughts pass through your brain, and the movement of the pencil is caused by the exercise of your brain in conjunction with the power that I exercise on the pencil. So, you see, you do not originate the thought, but merely convey it to the your hand, which I guide in accordance with my thought. You do not have anything more to do with what is written than an electric wire has to do with transmitting a message from the party at the end where the message is sent.

Let me explain in another way. When I think a thought I pass it through your brain to your hand, and my power to move your hand is brought into action just as when you think a thought your power to move your hand is brought into action. My thoughts are not your thoughts. When I think, your mind catches the thought but does not create it. So, you must believe that I am doing the writing, and not you, for I write some thoughts, which you could not if you tried.

I am studying the laws of physical and psychical sciences so that I may be able to assist you in your investigations when you come to search for the true relationship between spirits and mortals, and the laws that control these communications.

Yes, my studies include the investigation of the laws governing clairvoyance and inspirational communications. You will have the opportunity sometime to have an experience in each of these phases, and I want to be in condition to assist you to a degree that will help you in arriving at conclusions that will be correct, that will help others to understand the laws that govern these things.

So, you see, your wife loves you so much that she is willing to attempt to learn these things that are thought to be only for the masculine mind in order to help you more clearly understand them. If only you will give your thoughts to spiritual things and let your soul be open to the inflowing of God’s love by praying with all your heart’s longing, you can progress just as rapidly as I do.

Your own true wife,

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Helen describes her home in the third sphere,
and the importance of seeking God’s love

November 30, 1914

I am here, Helen.

I am very happy, for I have so much love in my heart that I cannot think of anything that tends to make me unhappy. My home is very beautiful, and I am perfectly delighted with it. It is made of white marble and is surrounded by lawns and flowers and trees of various kinds. The grass is so very green and the flowers are so beautiful and variegated. The trees are always in foliage and have such beautiful limbs and leaves. I am most pleased with my home, I mean with the building. There are many beautiful pictures on the walls, which are all frescoed and hung with fine coverings, and the floors are inlaid with beautiful mosaics. I have all the splendid furniture that I could possibly wish for. My library is full of books of all kinds, especially those that tell of God and his love for man. You would be in your element if you could be with me. It is permanent, and the house, trees and flowers are more real to me than were ever the houses, trees and flowers on earth. They are not shadowy as you may think but are so very substantial that they never decay or grow old.

I have music such as you have never heard on earth, and instruments of various kinds that I am learning to play. I sing with all my heart and soul as the days go by. I have beds on which I lie down, but I never sleep. We do not need sleep here. We only rest, for sometimes we get tired from our work and are greatly refreshed by lying on the beds and couches that are so comfortable that we do not realize that we are tired after lying down just a little while.

We eat fruit and nuts or rather imbibe their essences. We do not do so because we are hungry, but more because we enjoy the flavors so much. We drink water, pure and sweet, as it makes us feel so refreshed when we are a little tired. No, our fruit is not of the earthly kind; it is so much more delightful, I am unable to describe it to you. The nuts are different, also. Yes, the water is purer than what you have and is more refreshing.

I am going to try to progress into the higher planes and hope to do so as rapidly as is possible. You may rest assured that, no matter what plane I may be in, my love for you will not lessen, and I will not cease to be with you as I now am. You can progress on earth just as rapidly as I can here if you will let God’s love come into your heart as fully and as abundantly as I do, and you can if you will only pray for it. You have the same soul now that you will have when you come here, and if you let God fill it with love while you are on earth, why should you not progress there as much as we do here in the spirit world? The love coming into the soul of a human does not depend upon whether he is in the flesh or in the spirit.

So, try to become more spiritual, so that you may learn the wonderful teachings of God’s love and truth that he will give you. You must stop writing now as you are tired and so am I.

So, pray to God for love and spiritual enlightenment,

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Helen encourages her husband that great blessing will
be conferred upon him in the spiritual work that he is to do

I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

Oh, my dear, when I think of how blessed you are in having conferred upon you this great mission, I can hardly realize that it is true, yet I know that it is, and that you should feel so thankful to the Master as I do. No other has had such a privilege conferred upon him and, of course, no other has such a responsibility; when this latter is considered, it seems that you will have to have the sustaining influence and power of all the spirits who are in your higher band to enable you to do the work and not faint in its performance.

Jesus is with you, do not be afraid that you will not succeed. The way and the means will be provided, and the great truths will be given to you, and through you, to the world. And, in the long future, men will learn the truth and thank God for the truths to be revealed through your mortal instrumentality.

You may be forgotten, but your work will live forever, and men and nations will experience the benefit of it and come closer to God and closer to one another, as brothers. The nations will necessarily be what the individuals who compose them are, and love and peace will reign on earth as the Master promised long years ago, and as he promises now.

All will be fulfilled, and as the old prophet said, the desolate places will bloom and blossom as the rose. But better than this, in men’s hearts and souls will come such love that every man will truly become his brother’s neighbor, and the great leaders of mankind will realize their dream of the brotherhood of man.

In the near future, the Master and the other spirits who have been writing you the truths of the higher things that pertain to the souls of men will write you as to the moral precepts and those things that will cause the development of the natural love of men. Their teachings will be very interesting, for I have heard them talk of these things, and know that these truths and teachings that relate to the moral development of men are a part of the plan to be made known through you. So, you see, you have much work to do, and you must not think for a moment that you will not get in condition, materially and spiritually, to do this great work to its completion.

It has been decreed that you shall finish this work before you come to the spirit world, and there will be no failure. It will be that some obstacles are met with, such as you are now encountering, but after a little while they will disappear, and you will be free to do your work without hindrance and in the way that you have so often thought about.

Well, sweetheart, I have written a long letter tonight and I think it best to stop, So, with my love, goodnight.

Your own true and loving,