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The New Testament of Spiritualism is a book that contains the spiritual communications received by the Washington D.C., lawyer, James E. Padgett. This was accomplished by the opening of his psychic senses and the utilization of the most accurate means of spirit contact - automatic writing. His wife Helen was the first to write him shortly after her passing in 1914, then other relations, law associates, prominent historical figures and Jesus and his disciples. My contention is that Padgett’s writings are genuine and from the persons that they claim to be.

Padgett’s communications originate from spirits inhabiting all levels of the spirit world who offer insights into their lives within the spirit spheres as well as accounts of their lives when mortals of the earth. However, due to Padgett's financial circumstances it was necessary for him to insure his reputation and law career by keeping his mediumship private for the remainder of his life, which is why he is little known.

Padgett’s voluminous work represents a mediumistic event centuries in the making containing the entire science, philosophy and religion that Jesus intended to benefit the world. Padgett’s work is unique in its nature and constitutes a spiritual revelation of epochmaking proportions that has no equal.

I invite you to examine the modest selection of his writings in the following pages of this site from the vast legacy of spirit communications by James E. Padgett.

Alan Ross